We would like to thank you for your interest in donating to IHCF.

If you would like to learn more about our established funds, please visit our funds page HERE. If you are interested in donating your time or talent, please contact us by following THIS LINK.

Why donate? We find that donations will provide you with…

Permanence. You are assured that your gifts will benefit the horse and riders for years to come. As a permanent endowment, your gift’s earnings will be there to support your legacy forever.


Flexibility. You may select from a number of endowed funds including Undesignated, Field-of-Interest, Designated, and Donor Advised. You may make your gifts with cash, stock, life insurance, certain capital assets, or real estate.


Gifts to the IHCF can reduce your tax burden. Income taxes are reduced through the deductions allowed by the IRS for contributions to a public charity, which is how the IHCF is classified. When appreciated assets are donated, in most instances you eliminate the capital gains tax you would incur if you sold the assets. And, in the instance of contributing funds through your estate, estate taxes may be avoided. The IHCF provides professional administration.


For unrestricted and field-of-interest funds, the IHCF continually assesses the changing needs of the horse and awards grants to agencies best addressing those needs. In the case of designated funds, the IHCF easily handles the issuance of annual grants to organizations you specify when you establish the fund.


The IHCF provides a perfect alternative to a private foundation. Donors who want the individual involvement of a private foundation without the accompanying administrative complexities, restrictions, and expenses can accomplish the same result by establishing a donor-advised fund within the IHCF. Using a donor-advised fund within the IHCF also offers a donor a more generous tax deduction than those offered to those donating to a private foundation.
Establishment of a fund is easy, convenient, and inexpensive.


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